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About me / Sobre mim:

Eli Yeung

Hi there! My name is Eliane Yeung (Eli Yeung). I am a multimedia artist born in the suburbs of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

My parents are from Hong Kong and Guangdong. I

currently live in New York City. I work with short video animations, stories, performances, and illustrations. My

work is influenced by my experiences navigating three different cultures.

I hold a bachelor's degree in Advertising and Marketing communication from the Fashion Institute of Technology.

I am interested in history, culture, sociology and the

human psyche

Oi Gente! Meu nome é Eliane Yeung (Eli Yeung). Eu nasci 

e cresci no interior de São Paulo. Eu sou a primeira geração  da minha família nascida no Brasil e com ensino superior. Meus pais são imigrantes de Hong Kong e Guangdong. Atualmente eu moro em Nova York. Eu trabalho com animações, ilustrações e outras artes. Meus trabalhos são influenciados pelas minhas experiências navegando três culturas diferentes, imigração, língua e identidade.


Eu sou formada em Propaganda, Marketing e Comunicação pela Fashion Institute of Technology.  Tenho interesse em todo tipo de expressão humana, historia, cultura e também em tópicos sociais e do psíquico humano.


exhibitions, Activities & Nominations:

  • Selected to participate at the Honolulu Museum or Art (  Cultural Animation Film Festival with my animation "Bodega Cat." There were  1,375 submissions, 20 judges, and 74 selected films to screen. 2021

  • Selected to participate at the Future Vision unusual Animation festival sponsored by the Kingdom of the Netherlands Embassy. "Freedom Swimmers." Tokyo & Netherlands. 2021

  • Selected to participate at the Asian American Film Thing Festival where 12 filmmakers showcases their documentaries, animations and films. The screening happened at the Caveat NYC venue and was hosted by Angel Yau and Mehdi Barakchian. 2021

  • Invited to the Huntington Beach AAPI Cinematic Voices Panel 2021 where I discussed my selected animations "Bodega Cat" & "Freedom Swimmers," 2021.

  • Selected to participate at the Huntington Beach Cultural Cinema Showcase with my animations "Bodega Cat" and "Freedom Swimmers," 2021.

  • Selected to participate at Pratt's "Imagining" online exhibition, 2021.

  • Internet Black Market Yami Ichi 10 year Book release and fair at Nowhere Gallery 2022

  • Selected to participate at the 4th CantoCutie publication about the Cantonese diaspora with a short story and illustrations. 2022

  • Performed at the Milk and Henny Experience at the Kraine Theater 2021

  • Invited to read multilingual poems at Peter BD's Connection Il Finale at Club Canada 2023

  • Summer Rooftop Reading hosted by Peter BD, 2021

  • Invited to Participate in the IFA Paris Instagram Live session about Technology & Digitilization in the Fashion industry, 2020.

  • Invited to be 2020 Fashion Technology Startup mentor at the Foundry Incubator IFA Paris.

  • Invited as a Jury to the 2020 Foundry Incubator competition in Paris, France.

  • Editor of the globally selected short film "Fermento." 2020.

  • Dead Angle. Alyssa Davis Gallery. "Hidden Art." 2019

  • Exquisite Corpse Screening/ Collaborative essay filmmaking. Sunview Luncheonette. Project by Salome O. "Walking and talking in made up language scene." 2018

  • Bhqfubf Book Fair. "A piñata of fortunes" Sculpture and performance. 2017

  • Exquisite Corpse Screening/ Collaborative essay filmmaking. King's Leap Gallery. Project by Salome O. "Walking and talking in made up language scene." 2017

  • Tree Installation by Stephanie Kosinski. "Tree Monster illustration" submission. Makerspace, Staten Island. 2017

  • "Worlds", Flowers for all Occasions, Brooklyn, United States. Animation "The Walking Bird." 2017

  • Yami Ichi, Internet Black Market. "Time Capsule."2016

  • Molasses Book. A night of Poetry and Performances. Brooklyn, NY. "Piñata Birth performance & poetry" 2016

  • "Invisible -> Visible", 56 Bogart, Brooklyn, United States. 2015

  • Bhqfu x Stockholm. New York, NY. 2015

  • Arcadia opening party. Industry City, NY. Looped animation "Too Fast." 2014

  • Winner of the 2009 FIT Campaign for the New York Organ Donor Network.

  • Participated in the National Student Advertising Competition. 2009.

  • Participated in the Second FIT Pet Fashion Show. 2009.

  • Participated in the Texprocess/ Techtextil/ IFAI TradeShows. 2012 - 2019.


Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York

  • Bachelor of Science, Advertising and Marketing Communication, Cum Laude, May 2011

  • Associate in Applied Science, Advertising and Marketing Communication, May 2009

Pratt Institute, New York

  • Graphic Design, School of Continuing Education,  2019 - 2022

(After Effects & Motion Graphic, Illustrator, Photoshop, Typography, Digital Design)​


  • Pratt Institute, Illustrator & Photoshop, Winter/Spring 2021

  • Pratt Institute, After Effects & Motion Graphics, Fall 2019

  •, Lead Generation fundamentals (License: D34061), Summer 2016

  •, International SEO (License:0B2686), Summer 2016

  • BabyCastles, Exploratory Programming for the Arts and Humanities Workshop, Summer 2016

  • Bruce High Quality Foundation, Writing/Poetry, Fall 2014 and Spring 2015


SKILLS PC and Mac, Linkedin, Netsuite, SalesForce, Wix, Mailchimp, MOZ, Google Analytics, Google Console, Google Drive, Google & Bing Search, WebStat, Hubspot Sidekick, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, Premier, After Effects, Adobe Acrobat), Final Cut Pro, Procreate, Camtasia, Tumblr, GIMP, Quickbooks, TeamViewer, Webex, Discord, Rapportive and N-hega softwares.


LANGUAGES Fluent Portuguese; Intermediary Cantonese; Basic Spanish


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