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Portrait of Joeye at the

Cheap Storage Studio Roof

"They have outlets in the roof"






Self Portrait at Dreas Roof

"If we were chicken"






Portrait of Andrea at Dreas Roof

"At age 96 - Nail Lashes"






"Classic Theme"









Ewillie Yuenglin is a Bedswick based Rooftop Artist. She is known as the mother of the NAIL ART movement that started in 2015.


Tired of people asking her what kind of art she does and having no art to show, Ewllie started nailing Rooftops and Walls inventing what is now known as the 'Nail with your Nails Technique.'


"I eat a lot of carrots and clementines to keep my nails strong. I think good nail genetics play a big role on my success as a Nail Artist...I am also part of the Long Fingers & Hand Yoga Group...I think Nail Art should be done by all."


If you want to have some NAIL ART done by Ewllie on your roof, wall or backyard, please email Ewllie at email AT email dot com to schedule a time (spontaneous calls accepted too).


You can pay Ewllie by giving her carrots to fortify her nails. She can pay you by spending rooftop time with you when you are bored. This is a serious project and will result on you discovering Ewllie's confused identity.


Megan SayBye, a Photojournalist and Linguistics major at The University of Texas, will be photographing the "art."

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