11/06/2016 - 11/06/2026

Thank you everyone who contributed to the IRL & URL Time Capsule! Around 62 "messages" were recorded at the event. The cassette tapes have been already digitalized and are currently living online password protected. The offline capsule is still dry awaiting to be disposed into the Ocean. The offline event will happen soon (before the end of this year). We are just trying to figure out the best location in the Ocean for our voices.
Below are some Pictures of the event!
If you recorded a message,
I am pretty sure there's a pic of you:

Be Part of a IRL & URL


Stop by the HalseyStop booth at the Internet-Yami-IChi NY2 

November 6th (Sunday), 2016 | 12pm - 6PM | Knockdown Center

How does it work?

 1-) Donate $1

 2-) Write down your name and email address

 3-) Record your message on the tape recorder!

 4-) Wait until someone finds the capsule in the Ocean or

 5-) Wait 10 years until you receive an email/phone call with the Online time capsule password.


Offline Time Capsule

In a ritual the Offline Time Capsule will be disposed into the Ocean to be closer to the Internet. 

Maybe one day someone will find it? 

(11/6/2016 - ??/??/????)


Online Time Capsule

The Online Time Capsule will exist online at the Halsey Stop Website. After 10 years, you will receive an email or a phone call with the password to access the Capsule! The message will be pre-programed so if you change your email or phone number don't forget to notify us.

(11/6/2016 - 11/6/2026)


***This is a shared capsule! you will be able to hear everyone and everyone will be able to hear you.*** You have One minute!***


If you don't have a voice or don't want to be part of the Time-Capsule, you can just come and grab a WEB-FEED Zine with posts by some amazing internet humans! Internet People: 

Daniel Bauman

Ye Qin Zhu

Lisa Levy

Stephanie Kosinski

Salome Oggenfuss

Victoria Anne Reis

Lina Sun Park