Would I ever love anyone? Would anyone ever love me again?


I can't think of any friend, lover or stranger that has never asked me this question.


When I sit across these people, in a bar, they are all looking for an answer

I can say many things that might make them feel somewhat comfortable or entertained,

but I normally prefer answering it without an answer


How can you be sure you won't die tomorrow, leaving that promised princess that was sworn to you at age 5,



We fall in love very easily with the best and worst parts of people


There hasn't been a complete person to me

but bits of lovely features I find in so many


I am mostly very into one person at a time

How can I discover and unveil part of someone I love

if i don't go deep in the ocean looking for the ugliest prehistoric creatures I could find

those creatures that need very little light

that look like pieces of burnt skin swimming on high pressure muggy water

they survive by breathing very slowly

they survive by eating death that falls from the light places above

they are all part of us 
that part that you will only see if you sink


there is nothing virginal about any of us

we all fall victim of prefabricated virtues

when we go down the road of life

we start dismembering these sick parts

that prevent us

from really approaching the end of everything