You are Cruel. I am Cruel. Our biggest fear is to become other people's entertainment. We struggle to be normal or acceptably strange. Everything that deviates too much from the main topics are scary and corrosive to be around. I like interesting people. I like things that change how I think. I use humor as my god. I don't have "real" gods. I count number in my head. I hold on to those numbers as they were concrete. Maybe Spaced-Repetition are the rulers I don't worship. They keep me in line, far from panic or external mental attacks. I am so concrete that you see it as an abstraction. A mystery. I wish I could go back to wanting you but you are no longer you and I am no longer there. I feel the past moving inside me. I long for these feelings but they are currently being digest by my stomach. When I was younger everything dissolved in a few days. You are still inside after decades. My bones are alive because of you. Curation irritates me. How beautifully crafted. I like Open Sources. I know it is important.