Merging with our surroundings 
Today again
We feel a little bit like Francesca


The clean and bright never really attracted my true-self

Outside is right and blue and white and opaque
I am sorry for not agreeing


Can you just tuck me in with fire around
sometimes I just want to burn and feel warm

I will disappear when the air is right

he said he doesn't remember the last time
the last time he was safe

the back burner of the wake up o clock
catching up with the stupid bird at 5 am

stop singing


we live in different times
I will never belong to you
you will never be inside me


the air is right


I will see you in the future 
your face on the floor
when we matter

The random one

The Loved one

The helpful one

The beautiful one

The amazing one

The nicely creepy one

The young one

The quick one

The montana one

The pillow one

The dirty one

The pizza one

The thirsty one

The one

The meow one

The no one

It is simple.

I found inside a book

a note he left her (me)

It said

"you were better in dreams"


I know I want to be

with others

to experience what me alone

I cannot be


but sometimes

I wonder

If what they think of me

is better than what I am


there are many things

I feel they hide

until you are fully cooked

and there is

no way of not knowing


I tend to love

love the parts people reject from themselves

they give


a sense



concrete and