So many things I don't remember
but were so important to me
I always feel pressed against things

I hate the feeling of being forgotten
the distance that always exist
and always stays 


I press people I dont know
I press things that are not mine
this is the only way to feel remembered


a story about love

and obsession.

"Adeus" is used for long and permament departures.


"Ha um doce na luz do silencio"

My dad shaved every morning before work

I liked observing him;

He had a thing that no one else in my family had

And as a child I felt like I was him

From a different time, with a different set of memories

But with the same smell of lemon tea


One day when he was done shaving

I went to the bathroom and tried to shave

Instead of shaving cream I used tooth paste

It made sense at that time, shaving cream looks just like toothpaste


The paste was cold and fresh

It warmed my skin

I felt in control, I felt like I was the man

I cut my face with the razor blade

I cried

My mom gave me tea,“tea cures everything”

And she rubbed it on my face


My dad rubbed my tears

He had a lemon scent on his hands

It warmed my fears

Rituals & Ashes

My Ancestors.



I came from the suburbs of life. My parents were not the kind of people who had many likes or dislikes, a personality based on expression, individuality, or any of the fancy things that generally make someone think that there are more to you than just a basic homo sapiens.

Maladaptive Dreams.

Um Novo Tempo:

New Year's 2013 Silliness.

Weird Bee Poem read by Aaron @BHQFU


Fragment of the poetry group presentation:

"The only war that matters

is the war against the imagination."

From the series of bad sleep.